For the first time in my life i said NO!

It’s pretty easy, just two letters N &O.

It’s a sound that close the communication?
Nope it’s just a signal that from there on can’t ask for more.

After this two magic letter there is a long silence or perhaps people get upset.

The NO hide a game that can bring new chance for all.

Could be No not in this way
Could even be No thanks
Could be No i can’t help in this way

From there you could be alone but at list you un-hide a game that is keeped on for long time.

No in symbol could be a zig zag for reach a point, instead the easy way straight forward is left right left and then the objective.

Why a No sound so bad?

Is the other asking himself why he get a No from you?

Is it considering you in this?

The No is a good starting point to understand a new way, it’s a growth for both.

People can react in any way but at the very end you give them a chance to understand that we are in two, that you exist.

Sometimes is very difficult to keep yourself in, it’s more easy for some of us to keep on saying yes.

So let’s practice the No if needed, not for close the relation with others but for help the others to understand You and themselves sometimes.

Thx no thx